We make it easy to communicate securely.

SafeBolt offers cloud communication services to ensure that your conversations stay private. From encrypted email and chat to secure cloud storage, we got you covered.

Our Services

Encrypted Cloud Storage

Store your important files securely in the cloud. All your files will be encrypted, so only you and those you choose will have access to them.

Encrypted Email

Don’t let third parties read your confidential emails. It only takes one click to send encrypted emails to keep your private conversations private.

Encrypted Calls & Chat


Call and chat with friends and family on secure and encrypted lines.

Encryption made easy.

Encryption doesn’t have to be complicated. We make it easy to keep your data safe and secure.

SafeBolt makes it easy to encrypt your communications and files. We offer an array of cloud-based services to help you keep your important data privacy in this digital era. Click a service on the right to learn more about it.


For Business & Enterprise


We offer hosted email and cloud solutions for both small and medium sized businesses.


For larger enterprises, we offer both on-premise and managed cloud deployments of our platform.

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We have solutions to protect yourself, your family, or your business.