SafeBolt offers a set of premium add-ons to extend your service’s functionality. Add-ons allow us to lower the cost of the core service, while still promoting additional features that some users may be interested in.

Email Plus

Email Plus expands the functionality of SafeBolt’s email service. You get access to premium features that go beyond email encryption. 

  • Set messages to expire at a certain time
  • Schedule email to send later
  • Limit the times an email is read
  • Delete an email after you send (undo send)
  • Send larger attachments (up to 1GB)
  • Advanced password protection for external recipients

Cloud Plus

Much like our Email Plus add-on, Cloud Plus gives you access to additional features for our cloud platform. In addition to our standard cloud features, you get: 

  • Online document collaboration
  • Real-time commenting/editing
  • Additional security settings
  • Enhanced search function
  • Extended customizability
  • integration 

Premium Phone Support

While many of our competitors barely offer live chat support, SafeBolt is an industry leader and now offers Premium Phone Support. At the moment, phone support is an add-on, and this option will get you priority access to one of our phone agents.

Account Deletion Protection

If you’re on a monthly plan, we highly recommend considering our Account Deletion Protection (ADP) add-on. What ADP does is adds an extra encrypted backup of your data, so that in the case that your renewal of your cloud or email subscription doesn’t go through, your data will be recoverable for an additional 90 days. This adds a peace of mind to help, especially for our users on our monthly plans as it helps combat common issues such as a change in billing or credit card information.

"SafeBolt's flexibility is something that I really appreciate about the company. They let me upgrade and downgrade my account anytime I want to."

– Jennifer B.

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