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We send tons of messages every day, but we never really stop to think if they’re secure or not. SafeBolt Chat adds end-to-end encryption to all your calls and chats, while giving you a familiar messenging expiereince. 

Free Encrypted Chats & Calls

SafeBolt Chat allows users to communicate securely with one another. It’s a feature-packed instant messenger, that puts the focus on security. And unlike many of the other chat apps out there, SafeBolt Chat is 100% encrypted. This means that your messages cannot be read or intercepted by anyone other than your intended receipient.

Calls, Chats, & More

From instant messaging to HD voice and video calls, SafeBolt Chat has all the features you’ve come to expect of any instant messaging app. It’s blazing fast and extremely secure.

End-to-End Encryption

Sticking true to our SafeBolt mission, our secure messaging app doesn’t store any of your data. Neither your messages or conversation history are stored on any servers.

Low Data Usage

A bonus feature of SafeBolt Chat is the platform that it has a special ability to limit data usage. Wether you’re roaming or traveling abroad, enable the “Low Data Usage” mode to save data.

Multi-Platform Support

SafeBolt chat support all the popular platforms, allowing you to chat with all your friends and family no matter what device they have. Wether it’s an Android, iPhone, or a computer, download SafeBolt Chat and start chatting securely. 

Plus, SafeBolt chat is integrated with the core SafeBolt services. This means that all users can access their messages while logged into to SafeBolt Mail or even SafeBolt Cloud.

Easy to Use

Send instant messages, share photos, videos or any other files. You can even record voice messages and video clips with a single tap to capture those moments of your life. Easily share the media with your friends and family. And all that while, SafeBolt is working in the background to keep you and your communications private.

SafeBolt Makes it Easy to Keep Your Data Secure

SafeBolt's mission is to make encrypting your communications and other data as easy as possible. SafeBolt brings enterprise-grade software and security to everyday consumers.

"SafeBolt Chat [beta] is honestly the best messaging app I've used. It's so quick; quicker than WhatsApp, Facebook, and even iMessage!!"

– Nicole C.

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