Secure Cloud Storage

SafeBolt cloud is the safest place to store all your important files.

Encrypted Online Storage

Whether you are looking to backup files or keep them in sync so that you can access them from anywhere, SafeBolt Cloud provides you with a secure place to store files of all types. And since it’s encrypted, you don’t have to worry about big data companies, like Google or Microsoft, spying on your data.

Feature Packed

SafeBolt Cloud is easy to use but packed with tons of useful features. You can collaborate with other users, edit documents online, and even share files with external recipients.

End-to-End Encryption

All your data stored in the SafeBolt Cloud is encrypted. This means you and only you can access your files securely from anywhere.

Sync Files & Mobile Access

SafeBolt Cloud is powered by NextCloud. This means that you can use any of the available apps by NextCloud, which allow you to access your files on the go, setup automatic syncing, and more.

Can’t Trust the Big Guys

The big companies in our lives, such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, already know more than they should about us and our lives. If you use Google to backup your files, that’s just more data for them to analyze and build a social profile about you. SafeBolt’s Cloud is 100% encrypted and secure, so you can upload files with a peace of mind.

Multiple Layers of Security

We utilize end-to-end encryption protocols to encrypt all your files server-side. SSL/TLS is used to create a secure connection between you and our cloud servers.

Plus, the security goes where you go. You can access your SafeBolt Cloud on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device using any of our specialized applications.

Security is the Priority

End-to-end encryption, online document editing, online collaboration, automatic syncing, and more.

  • Server Side Encryption
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Brute-Force Prevention
  • Secure Password Policy
  • File Access Control

SafeBolt Makes it Easy to Keep Your Data Secure

SafeBolt's mission is to make encrypting your communications and other data as easy as possible. SafeBolt brings enterprise-grade software and security to everyday consumers.

"SafeBolt Cloud is a great alternative to Google Drive. With SafeBolt, all my data is encrypted so I know that it's safe."

– Susan F.

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