Protect yourself and your family from Big Brother! Keep your conversations private.

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SafeBolt Mail is so easy to use. All my emails are automatically encrypted, and I can send encrypted emails to people who have regular Gmail accounts. I switched from a competing company because SafeBolt's customer service was honestly the best. THANK YOU SAFEBOLT!!!!!!!

Nancy W.
Texas, USA

Encrypted Email

$4.99 per month, billed 12 months. 50% OFF
  • Encrypted Email Account
  • 6GB Email Storage
  • Unlimited Emails Per Day
  • Send Encrypted Mails to Anyone
  • 5 Email Aliases
  • Android & iOS Apps



Main Features

SafeBolt gives you a peace of mind when communicating via email.

No Ads, No Spying

Unlike other email providers, we don’t read, analyze, or otherwise use your personal data to show you advertisements or to make a profit. Your data is yours and yours alone.

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End-to-End Encryption

Easily send encrypted emails so only your intended recipient can read them. It only takes one click to encrypt an email. We can’t even read your encrypted emails, even if we wanted to.

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Email Anyone

They don’t need a SafeBolt account in order to receive your encrypted emails. Similarly, you can also receive emails from other email providers without a problem.

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Special Added Features

Encrypted Cloud
SafeBolt Cloud is the safest place to store all your important files. It's like Dropbox and Google Drive, except we don't go through your files and we don't use your data.

Email Plus
Email Plus expands the functionality of SafeBolt’s email service. You get access to premium features that go beyond email encryption.

Premium Phone Support
While many of our competitors barely offer live chat support, SafeBolt is an industry leader and now offers Premium Phone Support in addition to live chat and email support. 

Set Message Expiration

Choose a specific date and time at which your message will automatically expire. 

Undo After Send

Accidentally hit the send button?  You can delete the message after you send it.

Self-Destruct Message

You can limit the number of times an email can be read, preventing it from being read multiple times.

Send Large Attachments

Traditional email providers only support 20mb attachments. We support up to 1GB.

Schedule Emails

SafeBolt allows you to set your emails to send at a later time and date.


Multiple Layers of Security

We utilize OpenPGP encryption protocols to encrypt your individual email messages. SSL/TLS is used to create a secure connection between you and our cloud servers.

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Android & iOS Support

Access your email on the go with our fully featured mobile applications. Send encrypted emails, access premium features, and manage your inbox on-the-go.

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Don’t think this can’t happen to you! This is the new way the elites are controlling you by looking into your email!

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I don’t trust the elites at Google and Facebook anymore, I’m never using any of their products ever again! SafeBolt for life!

Dennis G. 

I started using SafeBolt because my Gmail was recent hacked any my identity stolen. It's been the best decision I’ve ever made! I recommend everyone and anyone to encrypt their email communications and get away from “free” services. "Free" things are free for a reason!

Catherine H.
South Carolina

I don’t mind paying for piece of mind, I’ll never use free e-mail services ever again after seeing how corrupt the tech elites are in the media!

Mike V.