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SafeBolt for Enterprise is a new way to power your company’s communications. While SafeBolt revolutionizes the consumer sector, SafeBolt for Enterprise is just as revolutionary for medium to large enterprises. 

Deploy Anywhere

The beauty of the SafeBolt platform is that it can be deployed anywhere. We offer both on-premise and managed cloud deployments. So if you prefer to have all your hardware in-house, SafeBolt supports that.

SafeBolt for Enterprises allows you to have your very own dedicated mail, cloud, encryption, and storage servers. 

In fact, SafeBolt is the only secure email and cloud provider who supports both on-premise and managed cloud deployments.

The Same Great Features

SafeBolt for Enterprise gives you all the same features you’ve come to expect from SafeBolt. Take control of who reads your emails, and securely communicate with your team, vendors, and customers. Built upon an enterprise-ready email system, SafeBolt has all the features you need in easy-to-use interface with zero advertising. You are in control and can choose which emails you want to send using our military-grade encryption.

Pay as You Grow

It’s easy to invite your team to your SafeBolt account. You only pay for the number of seats that you use. No contracts, no fees, no hassle. Our flexible pricing allows you to choose a billing cycle that fits your needs.

End-to-End Encryption

Both our Email and Cloud services offer end-to-end encryption. Easily send encrypted emails so only your intended recipient can read them. You can also upload important documents securely to our cloud.

Spam & Virus Protection

In addition to our standard email security, you also get enhanced spam filtering and anti-virus protection. We use a combination of Spamhaus RBLS, SpamAssassin, and ClamAV to keep you protected in real-time.

Email Plus (Included)

Email Plus is included with all business plans, at no extra cost. Email Plus expands the functionality of SafeBolt’s standard Business Email service. You get access to premium features that go beyond email encryption. Best of all, this feature list is always increasing as we develop new features.

  • Set messages to expire at a certain time
  • Schedule email to send later
  • Limit the times an email is read
  • Delete an email after you send (undo send)
  • Send larger attachments (up to 1GB)
  • Advanced password protection for external recipients

Cloud Plus (Included)

Much like our Email Plus add-on, Cloud Plus gives you access to additional features for our cloud platform. Cloud Plus is included with all Business Email + Cloud plans, at no extra cost to you. In addition to our standard cloud features, you get: 

  • Online document collaboration
  • Real-time commenting/editing
  • Additional security settings
  • Ehanced search function
  • Extended customizability
  • integration 

Comprehensive Security

We utilize OpenPGP encryption protocols to encrypt your individual email messages. SSL/TLS is used to create a secure connection between you and our cloud servers.

Plus, the security goes where you go. You can access your SafeBolt email on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device using any web browser.

Easy to Adopt

SafeBolt’s interface is both robust and easy-to-use. Even more importantly, it’s easy to get your organization onboard. SafeBolt is based upon an enterprise-grade email platform. Everything is run in the cloud. This means that you’ll have all the features you’d expect from any professional email client, without the need for any additional hardware

Enterprise Pricing

All enterprise plans are completely custom. Please contact us for more information.

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"We were looking for a secure email solution for our company that was hosted on dedicated servers. SafeBolt was the ONLY company to allow us to use our own dedicated servers AND manage them for us. That eliminated the need for having an in-house IT guy, thus saving us even more money. "

– Bill R.

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